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Let's Climb Closer to Heaven!

This is a family project to help children develop consideration and obedience through daily chores with positive attitudes.

Let's face it; nobody likes doing daily chores. St. Therese of Lisieux taught us that through the practice of doing small things for others out of charity, we show love to them and to God. Having children complete school lessons diligently, with a good attitude or in a timely manner can sometimes be a challenge and a chore in itself. Combine that with the daily tasks, chores, activities that need to be done, and the daily to-do list can be fairly long.

As homeschoolers, we face the special challenge of living in our homes 24/7. Living in our home means more messes, cleaning, and tasks. Add having a large family or children with special needs or running your own business to that, and many homeschooling families can feel overwhelmed. This can easily lead us to burn out. However, through God's grace and the Holy Sacraments, we can use our daily tasks to draw closer to God.

In this fun project, children will have an assigned character, and will move them up and down the ladder corresponding to their positive or negative behavior.

There are three steps in completing this project. They are: preparing the materials, practicing good behavior and moving the corresponding pieces accordingly up and down the ladder in the desired time-frame.

Full instructions are included in the 39 page download as well as the character pieces, ladder, and over 25 unique chore card sheets. Once the cards are created, they can easily be stored in an index card holder, recipe card holder or on rings. (Storage ideas are also mentioned in the project directions.)


Age: Any
Focus: Practicing obedience and consideration in daily chores
Theme:  Obedience, performing acts of charity, climbing a ladder to get closer to heaven

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