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Learn to Pray the Rosary with Coloring Fun.

Children can often have a hard time remembering how to say the rosary or in what order the prayers are said. Created as part of my CCD class retreat, this worksheet on the rosary helps children learn and become more comfortable with the pattern of prayer used with the Rosary.

To complete this worksheet, you will need colored crayons, markers, or pens and if desired, our Rosary reference sheet.

Go through the Rosary reference sheet and how to say the Rosary, then go through the worksheet coloring the appropriate beads and parts. The total amount of each prayer needed is provided for you.

A good way to use this worksheet is to go over the reference sheet first, complete the worksheet, and then pray the rosary together having the children follow along using the sheet moving their finger from bead to bead, decade to decade.

Although some parents or teachers prefer to leave out the Fatima Prayer for very young children, I have included it. It is short enough for children to memorize, and it reinforces the reality of hell in a day and age that tries to minimize it or pretend that it doesn't exist. Hell is a reality, and even very young children can be taught that Jesus suffered and died for us to save us from going to it.

This worksheet is suitable for classroom or home use.

Age: Gr.2+
Focus: Prayer
Theme: Learning to Pray the Rosary

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Create DateJune 20, 2013
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