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Use this counter set to help your kids learn about numerals, number order, odd and even numbers,  or use in conjunction with the provided math symbols.

Use with one player and parental direction to put mixed-up  cards in order from 1-100 playing against a timer or to find all the numbers divisible by 2, 5, 10, etc.

Use two sets for two player games - 1 set per player.
Play traditional games like Speed, War, Go Fish, Concentration or other two player flipping games such as:
Who has a higher number?
Who has the lower number?
Who has the lowest prime number?

Flip two cards at a time for:
Who has the highest sum?
Who has the lowest sum?
Who has the highest product?
Who has the lowest product?

As a bonus,  players can take cards from their winning piles (or even just a handful of cards) and graph the pictures on the cards using our matching graphing card.  How many bags of gold did you win? How many sheriffs are in your pile?  This requires players to pay attention to the details of the graphics and best of all, it's fun. Laminate the graphing card included in the set and kids can use it with even a simple crayon and wipe it off when game play is complete.

These sets can be used for quite a long time considering the numerals, symbols, pictures and two set play option.  There is a matching counterpart set available with a white background. Play is easier and more fun with each player having a unique duplicate set of playing cards. Separating sets is easy too, just use the background to give them distinction and then store in a sandwich bag.

What can you do with this set or sets of these math counters?

Here is a list of some activities to do with your counters that we have used in our own little homeschool:

*Arrange numbers in order.

*Call out number and have a child identify.

*Call out math problems and have children write it out and solve it using the cards.

*Play Go Fish with selected numbers like 5s, 10s, etc.

*Play Concentration or match-up style card games with selected numbers.

*Identify all the odd or even numbers in a selected group.

*Play War style games - who has the highest/lowest number wins, pull two cards at once and the highest sums wins, pull two cards and the highest/lowest product wins.

*Find the LCM for different numbers.

*Find the factors of specified numbers.

*Have children create a pattern of numbers and tell you the rule orally like +3, -1.

*Have children skip-count their multiplication tables by arranging the cards in order.

*Create fact families or number sentences.

*Compare numbers or number sentences.

*Have races to see who can order number cards the fastest with the least errors.


Age: Kindie+
Focus: Numbers from 0-100, and math symbols - + = < > x ÷
Theme: cowboys, western life, old west, gold rush, state and provincial studies such as Texas, Colorado, Alberta, British Columbia.

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