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Creation Theme Oversized Tactile Calendar

Focus on Creation Any Time of the Year with This Creation Theme Oversized Tactile Calendar.

The central theme of the Creation Theme Oversized Tactile Calendar is the creation of animals. God created all the animals, and it was good, but how well can you identify His creations? This calendar uses black-and-white silhouettes of animals and asks learners to name each one. There is a different animal for each day of the month. An answer sheet is included for anyone who may need a little identification help. The border graphics are also in black and white and feature Bible passages about Creation as well. One passage speaks on animals, the other on the creation of man.

As it reinforces concepts of time for young ones, you can add loads of fun to your learning month. Decorations are provided for all the months of the year, and each day of the month is represented.

How to Use the Creation Theme Oversized Tactile Calendar

First, print out the file and cut the pieces apart on the lines. You can use cardstock for durability or laminate plain paper pieces for longevity. Next, lay the elements out and arrange them with the numbers in the main squares, titles at the top, and decals where desired. Then, attach the pieces to a prepared poster board or bulletin board.

Use creativity in setting up this calendar on a bulletin board or create your own template.  For example, start with a plain dime store poster-board marked with a grid of seven columns by six rows, which includes space for the days of the week to be written in. Don't forget to leave a bit of space to put on the border decorations.

Some users may want to laminate the parts for repeated use each year. Once laminated, some may want to consider affixing velcro to the back of the pieces and the poster board to allow easy removal. This method lets learners help in changing the theme and assembling the calendar every month.

Age:  Any+
Focus:  Calendar, Oversized Monthly Calendar
Theme:  Creation, animals

Creation Theme Oversized Tactile Calendar
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