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Crosses I Might See in a Catholic Church Mini-Book

Help Children Discover Different Crosses in a Catholic Church.

This eight-page mini-book reminds children that the Holy Cross is a symbol of God's love for us. The mini-book presents explanations of different crosses they may see the next time they go to Mass or visit the church.

Print out the pages and cut them apart on the dotted lines. Stack pages and staple them where indicated; then have children fill in the information. Spaces are provided to have children draw what they see in their own parish or can recall from memory.

A variation of use could be to take actual photos and then attach them to the prepared mini-book. Crosses featured in this mini-book include the following.

-Decorative cross on the outside of the church
-Large cross in the sanctuary
-Altar cross
-Processional cross
-Rosary cross
-Necklace with a cross

This resource is quite appropriate to use to celebrate the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Writing, the Cross
Theme: Crosses Seen in a Catholic Church

Crosses I Might See in a Catholic Church Mini-Book
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