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Cut-N-Paste Theme Mini-Book Keepsake Pages

Help Learners Store and Organize Their Mini-Books with the Cut-N-Paste Theme Mini-Book Keepsake Pages.

Even very young learners will enjoy this Cut-N-Paste Theme Mini-Book Keepsake Pages' fun style that features glue and scissors for cutting and pasting activities.  Able to store up to four mini-books per set, these sheets were specially designed for our basic quarter-page mini-book of eight pages. This resource allows two books to be glued onto each page using a special left and right-hand layout. The pages can easily be placed in a 3-ring binder utilizing a standard 3-hole punch. Date lines are also provided.

Themes of books do not necessarily need to match or correspond to particular keepsake pages.


Age: Wee+
Focus: Mini-book storage
Theme: School supplies, scissors, glue

Cut-N-Paste Theme Mini-Book Keepsake Pages
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