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Cut-N-Paste Weather Pieces

Track the Weather with Easy to Use Cut-N-Paste Weather Pieces.

Tracking the daily weather to identify types of weather and its patterns or anomalies can be so simple for children with this activity.  To use the black-and-white Cut-N-Paste Weather Pieces, cut them apart, and glue them into place on the appropriate day on a calendar.

This is an easy task, and young kids enjoy seeing the weather pattern emerge and change daily, weekly and monthly. Choose a designated time each day to note the weather, cut out the piece, and glue it onto the calendar in the appropriate day square.

Cut-N-Paste Weather Pieces include the following.

Cloudy Weather
Partly Sunny Weather
Rainy Weather
Snowy Weather
Lightning or Stormy Weather
Sunny Weather
Windy Weather

Students can use this resource on any calendar, although it is the perfect compliment to our printable Weather Calendar in Portrait or Weather Calendar in Landscape for children.

Age: Wee+
Theme: Tracking the Weather
Focus: Weather

Cut-N-Paste Weather Pieces
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