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Prayer Project Helps Teach Children About Praying for Others at Christmas.

Children can enjoy praying for their pastor, family members, parents or friends with this unique prayer project that features traditional holiday symbols on the cover - bells, ornaments, holly, and stars.

In this spiritual bouquet, the sender will provide a tea bag and pray a single decade of the rosary daily for five days while the recipient relaxes and has a cup of tea every day. At the end of the five days, a whole rosary would have been offered for recipients.

This project gives children an introduction to purposeful or directed prayer.

There are a few steps in this project. First, you must print out and assemble the tea bag holders. Then, you print out and assemble the booklet being sure to write in the dates for prayer on the lines provided as well as sign your name under the explanation. Lastly, you place the tea bags in prepared booklet, and you are ready to give it away.

Instructions are included in the file.

This gift can be perfect for just about anyone. How about remembering any of these nice folks who serve you throughout the year?

Your pastor or priest
Parents, grandparents, or other relatives
Godparents of your children
Your child's catechist or teacher
The parish secretary or custodian
Choir members in your church
Those who help you throughout the year - neighbors or friends
An elderly member of your parish
A recent widow or widower
Your physician, dentist, pharmacist or caregiver
Your veterinarian

We hope that you find this spiritual gift the perfect little something for that someone special. The kids can help put it together, and it doesn't cost very much to make at all.


Age: Mid-Elem+
Focus: Daily prayer
Theme: Christmas, daily prayer

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Create DateJuly 2, 2013
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