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Decorated Cubes Featuring Symbols of Easter
You can easily celebrate Easter or spring with cubes that are waiting to be put together by your kiddos or class.  Use these seven cute colorful cubes to help children learn about the symbols of Easter - new life.  Each page provides a colorful cube to be cut and assembled.  Instructions are included on each page as well as the words "New Life" on the bottom of each cube.

Glue is recommended in the assembly, but clear tape can also be used.  If cardstock is used instead of plain paper, the finished cubes may be decoupaged.

Cubes feature:  chicks, eggs, sheep, rabbits, lilies, The Cross, and the word Easter.

Ideas for using the cubes could include the following.

  •     Create the cubes to stack and decorate a mantle or shelf.
  •     Make ornaments for an Easter tree, wreath or garland.
  •     Fill each cube with goodies or treats to celebrate the octave of Christmas.
  •     Fill cubes with treats for Easter baskets or parties.
  •     Use filled cubes as Easter party favors or CCD class celebration favor boxes.
  •     Use cubes to reinforce or celebrate the First Glorious Mystery of the Rosary.


Age:  Any
Focus:  Fine motor skills
Theme:  Easter, First Glorious Mystery

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