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Dinosaur Themed Math Counters

Learners Can Have Fun Counting with the Dinosaur-Themed Math Counters.

Some of the first things that children learn about in math are numerals, their names, and counting. From there, they begin learning numeral significance and basic number sentences. We know how hard it can sometimes be to keep math spicy and fun for your students. Variety is said to be the spice of life, and we've carried that thought right into our math game closet with this fun, bright and colorful counter set.

Dinosaur Themed Math Counters

Download, print out, cut apart and use our dinosaur-themed counters.

This set focuses on numbers from 0-100, Even & Odd numerals, Math Symbols +  -  ÷  =  >  <  It is suitable for elementary aged learners.

Teachers can use this set to reinforce numeral names, number order, math symbols, number sentences, and odd and even numbers. Each colored group of dino graphics has been assigned even or odd numbers to help players learn independently. Additionally, they can incorporate using even and odd numbers into other games. For example, if number sentences are created, players can be asked if the answers are odd or even.

Teachers can use this set for lots of different games and activities, so a one-time prep can last for tons of play and learning fun.

Ways to Use the Dinosaur Themed Math Counters

-Arrange numbers in order.
-Call out the number and have the student identify.
-Call out math problems and have children write them out and solve them using the cards.
-Play Go Fish with selected numbers like 5s, 10s, etc.
-Play Concentration or match-up style card games with selected numbers.
-Identify all the odd or even numbers in a selected group.
-Play War style games - who has the highest/lowest number wins, pull two cards at once, and the highest sums win, pull two cards, and the highest/lowest product wins.
-Find the LCM for different numbers.
-Find the factors of specific numbers.
-Have children create a pattern of numbers and tell you the rule orally like +3, -1.
-Have children skip-count their multiplication tables by arranging the cards in order.
-Create fact families or number sentences.
-Compare numbers or number sentences.
-Have races to see who can order number cards the fastest with the fewest errors.

Age: K+
Focus: Math
Theme: Numbers from 0-100, and math symbols +  -  ÷  =  >  <, dinosaurs

Dinosaur Themed Math Counters
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