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Dino Counting Fun

Some of the first things that children learn about in math are what are numerals, their names and how to count. From there they begin learning numeral significance and basic number sentences. We know how hard it can be sometimes to keep math spicy and fun for your children because we are homeschoolers too! Variety is said to be the spice of life, and we've carried that thought right into our math game closet with this fun, bright and colorful counter set.

Download, print out, cut apart and use our dinosaur themed counters.

This set focuses on numbers from 0-100, Even & Odd numerals, Math Symbols: + - ÷ = < > and is suitable for elementary aged learners.

This set can be used to reinforce numeral names, number order, math symbols, number sentences, and also odd and even numbers. Each colored set of dino graphics has been assigned even or odd numbers to help players learn independently. Additionally, odd and even usage can be worked into other games as well. For example, if number sentences are created, players can be asked if the answers are odd or even.

This set can be used for lots of different math games and activities so a one-time prep can last for tons of play and learning fun.



We have created different math counter themed sets to help keep math fun, colorful, challenging and interesting - all at the same time. You wouldn't want to use the same thing day after day, month after month, year after year and neither would your kids, well, at least not our kids. We also realize that as children grow, they still need to play games for variety, so we've made our sets progressive moving from simple numeral recognition and ordering to figuring sums and products, graphing, and even factors and multiples. Who knew that just simple cards could provide so much math practice and fun at the same time?



Here is a list of some activities to do with your counters that we have used in our learning activities:

*Arrange numbers in order from 0-100.

*Call out number and have a child identify it.

*Call out math problems and have children write it out and solve it using the cards.

*Play Go Fish with selected numbers like 5s, 10s, etc.

*Play Concentration or match-up style card games with selected numbers.

*Identify all the odd or even numbers in a selected group.

*Play War style games - who has the highest/lowest number wins, pull two cards at once and the highest sums wins, pull two cards and the highest/lowest product wins.

*Find the LCM for different numbers.

*Find the factors of specified numbers.

*Have children create a pattern of numbers and tell you the rule orally like +3,-1.

*Have children skip-count their multiplication tables by arranging the cards in order.

*Create fact families or number sentences.

*Compare numbers or number sentences.

*Have races to see who can order number cards the fastest with the least errors.

Age:  Primary+
Focus:  Numbers from 0-100, Even & Odd numerals, Math Symbols: + - ÷ = < >
Theme:  Dinosaur, early history, creation, math

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