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Dr. Blends First Aid Phonics Game

Kids Enjoy Playing Dr. Blends First Aid Phonics Game.

Encourage young and new readers to improve their phonics skills with a game that builds their knowledge and familiarity with consonant blends.

Dr. Blends First Aid Phonics Game

Help the doctors treat patients by packing their first-aid kits with word cards featuring band-aids, tongue depressors, and prescription sheets.  Each object card has a word to be sorted and matched. Match the content words to the proper Dr. Blend. Some particular words can be used in more than one category and prove to be favorite words to collect. The kiddos can easily practice recognizing and saying the S, L, R, and Final blends.

1-4 players, co-operative or competitive play versions. Print the sheets out and cut the pieces apart where shown. The file includes instructions for prep and play.

Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Phonics games
Theme:  Blends - S, R, L, and Final blends, doctors, caring for others

Dr. Blends First Aid Phonics Game
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