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Help Young Catholics Learn About the Liturgical Seasons with the Easter and Christmas Venn Diagram Worksheet.

Use our Easter and Christmas Venn Diagram Worksheet to help children list how these two liturgical seasons are different and similar. Clear titles are presented as well as black-and-white images to help solidify meaning. There is generous writing space within the two overlapping circles, which can hold lots of details and facts.

Teachers may choose to have students do research independently to complete the activity or use the worksheet to take notes during an oral presentation or class lesson.

The Easter and Christmas Venn Diagram Worksheet could include details and differences in the following.

-Purpose and meaning of the season
-Liturgical colors
-Time of the year the season occurs
-Music or hymns used in Holy Mass
-Feasts or solemnities that fall within the season
-Responses or prayers used in Holy Mass
-Mass setting changes
-Appearance of the altar or church, including flowers, greenery, decorations, or linens
-Gospel readings
-Mood of the season - joyous, reflective, etc.

Age: Mid-Elem+
Focus: Fact recall, organizing data
Theme: Easter, Christmas, graphic organizer, Venn diagram, worksheet

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