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Help Students Get Acquainted

This activity not only helps children get to know each other on the first class or group meeting; it also provides an envelope to send home a packet of info or an introductory letter.

Children fill in the squares by either drawing or writing down answers, cut apart the pieces and glue them onto the front of the envelope.  The teacher will collect them, shuffle them and then go through each one by one sharing the information.  Children should try to guess who created each envelope.

As some answers may be repeated, this activity helps children see that although
they are different in many ways, they are also similar to each other as well.

Teachers may send home newsletter, packets, forms, or schedules in the envelope.

Some color is used for this file, but it can easily be printed out in grayscale as well.


Age:  Any
Focus:  Ice breaker activity
Theme:  Getting students acquainted with each other

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