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Help Children Learn About God's Word with the Events of the Bible Match-Up Game.

Events of the Bible Match-Up Game is a simple match and order activity to help young children learn about six events from the Bible - three from the Old Testament and three from the New Testament.

Events of the Bible Match-Up Game

How to Use the Events of the Bible Match-Up Game

This game is easy to play and is perfect for giving children in CCD classes or Religious Education as a take-home reinforcement.

Preparation is easy. First, print out the pieces. Then, cut them apart. Next, mix up all the cards separating the text pieces from the image cards. Finally, players must match each picture card to its corresponding event piece. For an extra challenge, some may want to play the game by matching the pieces in the order in which the events occurred in Scripture.

An answer key is provided for reference, and it also contains Scripture references for each event highlighted in the game.

The accounts featured in the Events of the Bible Match-Up Game include the following.

-Adam and Eve eat of the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.
-Moses gives the Ten Commandments.
-David defeats Goliath.
-The Wise Men visit the Holy Family in Bethlehem.
-Jesus is crucified.
-An angel tells the women that the tomb is empty; Jesus has risen from the dead.

Age: Gr.3+
Focus: Ordering events, matching images to text
Theme: Bible, match-up game

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