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Learn About Sacramentals

Teaching young children the essentials of the faith in a vibrant way can be challenging at times. Use this lapbook style resource in your homeschool, CCD class or Religious Education class to help children learn about Sacramentals. This resource is designed for simplicity and does not contain tons of time consuming pieces, which can be very distracting or a time waster in a classroom setting.

Focus: This F3 - Flip, Flap & Fold Folder is dedicated to teaching young Catholics about sacramentals.

Folder Elements Include:
Coloring page cover sheet with lesson highlights
Photo images of sacramentals
Definition Piece
Image Key piece

Lesson Highlights:
What are sacramentals?
What do some of them look like?
How should we treat them?

By exposing children to actual photos of sacramentals and stating important facts about them, including proper reverence and meaning of sacramentals, children will easily come to learn and identify the purpose and names of many popular sacramentals they are likely to see in church or used during the Holy Mass.

Lesson Helps:
An easy way to go through this lesson is to define the term, sacramental, as provided and then look at the images together. Numbers in the circles correspond with the names of the individual images.

Next you may want to go through how we must treat sacramentals. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is a good solid start.

Follow up the lesson by making the pieces and gluing them in place. Encourage children to practice naming the sacramentals at home. You could easily play a little call-out review game in class by using the numbers and having the children recall the name of the article.

As a challenge for older children, you may require them to know the name and function of each image presented.

Instructions and lesson helps are included in the file.


Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Sacramentals
Theme:  Recognition of sacramentals and how to treat them

This project uses one prepared filed folder.
A How-to Video is available to help you assemble and learn how to use this F3 Flip, flap and Fold Folder.
This lesson is perfect for classroom or homeschool use.
Actual photographs of sacramentals are used in this project.

File Size4.21 MB
Create DateJune 25, 2013
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