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Teach That God Is Perfect

When children begin learning about their faith one of the most popular questions to hear from them is: Who is God? Somewhere along the way they hear the truth that God is perfect. But, what does this actually mean? Help children learn about the Perfections of God by using our simple F3 Folder lapbook style resource in your homeschool, CCD class or religious education lessons.

This resource includes eight F3 pieces and is classroom friendly and can be completed in one  possibly two sessions.

Focus: This F3 - Flip, Flap & Fold Folder is dedicated to teaching young Catholics about the perfections of God.

Folder Elements Include:
Coloring page cover sheet with lesson highlights
What are the Perfections of God - six focus pieces
How can I be more like God? Short answer prompts
How can I get to know God better? Bullet answers
Is God Perfect? Piece
What Am I? Piece - featuring the monstrance


Lesson Highlights:
Is God perfect?
What makes Him perfect?
How can we get to know God?

By systematically going through the folder pages and pieces, children will get a solid understanding of what makes our Lord so uniquely perfect. Six different perfections are covered in this project including:
God is All Knowing
God is Almighty
God is All Merciful
God is All Present
God is Eternal
God is All Good

Instructions and lesson helps are included in the file.


Age:  Elem+
Focus:  The perfections of God
Theme:  The individual perfections of God

This project uses one prepared file folder and a how-to video is available to help you assemble and learn how to use this F3 Flip, Flap and Fold Folder.  Bible passages and references are used in this lesson.  An answer key is provided.

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