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F3 Folder on Creation

Celebrate and Learn with the F3 Folder on Creation.

Creation is one of the most exciting topics for children to learn about. We invite you to use our lapbook style double F3 Folder About Creation to enhance and supplement your lessons.

F3 Folder on Creation

Perfect for use in your homeschool, CCD class, or religious education, this resource is designed for simplicity. With a total of only six F3 piece activities, it can easily help you teach or reinforce your lessons, whether you use a formal curriculum or just put together your own.

F3 Folder on Creation Focus: This F3 - Flip, Flap & Fold Folder is dedicated to teaching young Catholics about how what and why God created, what is a soul, intro to the Theology of the Body (TOB), the antependium, and St. Joseph and the Glory Be prayer.

Folder Elements Include:
-Cover sheet with lesson highlights
-The Week of Creation - What did God create on which day
-Man and Woman, He Created Them - featuring the TOB
-What is a Soul? - What we can do because of our soul
-What am I? - Piece featuring the Antependium
-To God We Are - Quote piece from St. John Chrysostom
-Special things God created or Man made - Drawing or photo inclusion opportunity
-The How and Why of Creation/What can Man Make? - Picture Game

Lesson Highlights:
What did God create?
Why did He create it?
How did He create it?

Creation can be a challenging subject to cover adequately, but when we follow scripture, use the CCC for guidance, and incorporate the Theology of the Body, the task becomes not only easier but fun as well. Children can grow in awe of our Lord when they learn that God created everything and did so out of nothing, and He did it all out of love.

There are instructions and lesson help included in the file.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Recalling factual information, using fine motor skills
Theme: Creation

This project uses a double prepared file folder.
A how-to video is available to help you assemble and learn how to use this F3 Flip, Flap, and Fold Folder.
This lesson is perfect for classroom or homeschool use.
References to the CCC and scripture are provided.
An answer key is included.
St. Joseph and St. John Chrysostom are also highlighted.
An introduction to the Theology of the Body (TOB) is included in this lesson.

F3 Folder on Creation
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