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Use Fall of Man First Next Then Bible Worksheet Set to Teach Young Catholics About Original Sin.

The Fall of Man First Next Then Bible Worksheet Set encourages kids to explore God's Word one chunk at a time. Using the Scripture references provided, learners can find and read about this event in Genesis 3. They can then recall or narrate it back using the First, Next, Then formula. This file contains two versions of this activity. One version provides Scripture references and images to inspire writing and help students recall some of the mentioned events. The other sheet provides Scripture references but allows students to write about and illustrate the facts.
The Fall of Man First Next Then Bible Worksheet Set fir Kids

How to Use Our Fall of Man First Next Then Bible Worksheet Set

First, have students read the account of this event from Genesis 3. Next, have writers organize their ideas to provide a little summary of this event in three different writing sections (First, Next, Then). Learners should be encouraged to look at the Scripture references and illustrations provided for help. Lastly, students should write at least one sentence under each heading to create an overview of the event. Some kids may want to color the images when finished. Those using the alternate version should draw their illustrations in the boxes provided. Writers who get easily distracted by illustrations may enjoy using our Fall of Man Bible Study Worksheet, which has just one picture for reference and specific writing prompts.

Age: Upper Elem+
Focus: Bible study
Theme: Adam and Eve, original sin, Bible, Old Testament

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Create DateAugust 18, 2020
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