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Help Young Catholics Focus on Understanding God's Healing Mercy Through the Life of Christ, Scripture, and Art.

Encourage children to become familiar with God's Word and specific moments in the Bible that highlight a miraculous instance of Christ’s merciful love for humanity. Children will see how Jesus healed the blind and sick as well as those who were in need of healing from their own sinfulness. Christ even shares the value and reward of showing mercy to others in His Sermon on the Mount. Use the scripture clues provided to match the image cards to the Bible references. Children can work individually, in teams, or in groups to read the clues and find the matching playing pieces.

This printable can be utilized as a one-time use activity if the image cards are glued into place.

Alternately, the playing set may be laminated for repeated use in the classroom. An answer card is provided to allow children to check their own work.

Age: Gr. 4+
Focus: Finding specific passages in the Bible, Scripture study
Theme: God's healing mercy, Mercy, miracles of Christ