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Find it In Scripture Game - The Holy Spirit Made Present to Us

Help Young Catholics Focus on Recognizing the Holy Spirit Through God's Word, Scripture, and Art.

Help children recognize the Holy Spirit, the third divine Person of the Holy Trinity, in the Bible. This activity encourages students to use Scripture references as vehicles for reflection. The passages selected depict the symbols of the Holy Spirit including a dove, clouds, tongues of fire, and light.

Use the scripture clues provided to match the image cards to the Bible references. Children can work individually, in teams, or in groups to read the clues and find the matching playing pieces. An answer card is provided to allow children to check their work.

Make this a one-time use game activity by having students glue the image cards into place. Students may also enjoy reusing the activity as well. Teachers may want to laminate the pieces for repeated use in the classroom.

Age: Gr. 4+
Focus: Finding specific passages in the Bible, Scripture study
Theme: Holy Spirit, symbols of the Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit made present to us through God's Word

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Find it In Scripture Game - The Holy Spirit Made Present to Us
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