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Finding Bible Passages F3 Piece and Poster

Finding Bible Passages F3 Piece and Poster Can Help Students Build Confidence in Using the Bible.

Finding passages in the Bible can be a little daunting for new readers, young readers, and those brand-new to the faith. Use this little fun paper helper to help finding passages in the Bible easier and fun.

Download the four-page file which includes instructions, a reference poster and the pieces - single and class use versions are included.

Cut out the pieces, punch out the little circles, lay in order, and attach a brad. The first page is an explanation of how to read the reference numerals for Scripture passages. The next page asks learners to find passages to well known Bible events. If they follow the numbers correctly, they should end up at the specified events pictured. You may want to order the page pieces chronologically as the events took place.

Age:  Elem+
Focus:  F3, Bible
Theme:  Using the Bible, finding Scripture passages

Finding Bible Passages F3 Piece and Poster
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