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Who knew that one little box could bring so much hands-on flowery math fun?

Did you like to play store when you were younger? Many people did. That's why the Tycoon style software games have become so popular over the past few years. People, young and old, like pretending that they run a business of some sort. We are so happy that we have finally gotten around to sharing one of the most enjoyed math games in our little homeschool. Using the prepared files, some popsicle sticks and a craft box - your child could literally have hours of math fun by themselves, with a friend or even with their favorite doll or action figure.

Most learners love to play games. Many learners enjoy imaginative play as well. This game is a definite addition for Montessori style and hands-on learners. This activity allows the craft box to not only hold the game itself, but also to become an interactive part of the game. The box becomes a display case in the store or garden center. You may choose to use a white box and decorate it or use a brown box and just pretend you are picking the flowers straight from the ground. Daily bouquets are put on special, which the players must prepare for sale. They will pick the flowers required on the Daily Special card and put them in the box for the desired number of customers.

Older learners can practice using multiplication with decimals as well as conducting the transaction using your own money or play money from the toy store.

This "fresh" version differs from the original color version we created years ago to allow children to color and create the flowers themselves as well as conserve printer ink.

This game helps with:
number recognition
following directions
simple addition
using decimals
using money
pattern recognition
color recognition
fine motor art skills
good manners in business relations


Age: Elem+
Focus: number recognition, following directions, sorting, simple addition, using decimals, using money, multiplication, flower nomenclature, pattern recognition, good manners in business relations
Theme: Flowers, owning a business, playing store, role playing, math

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Create DateJune 17, 2013
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