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Friends Always Care Poster

Help Reinforce the Virtue of Friendship with the Friends Always Care Poster.

Many people do not realize that it takes much effort to develop the habit of caring for others. The foundation of friendship is love, and it is built on caring for someone at all times rather than only when it is convenient. Jesus notes the importance of friendship more than once in the Gospel, especially in John 15:12-15. The Friends Always Care Poster can help kids remember the importance of being a friend to someone all the time.

How to Use the Friends Always Care Poster

Decorate your classroom, teaching area, or home with this poster that helps young Catholics remember the value of friendship with God and each other.

This cute and colorful poster features two happy, young boys with a bright green background. The phrase presented is "Friends always care!"

Age: Any
Focus: Virtue Study
Theme: Friendship, virtue, poster

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Friends Always Care Poster
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