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Help Students Explore the Fruits of the Holy Spirit - Collectively or One by One.

Use this cut-n-paste F3 KWL to help children learn about the twelve different Fruits of the Holy Spirit, including charity, joy, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, modesty, and others.

Learners will be asked to note what they already know about the fruits, what they want to know about it, and, after a bit of research or a lesson, what they learned about it. Students fill in the information, cut out the pieces and glue them into place. Finished pieces can be affixed into a religion notebook or an appropriate sized piece of cardstock.

A full collection of F3 pieces could be bound together using clasp rings, metal brads, yarn, or a comb spine.

Age: Gr.5+
Focus: Virtues, Holy Spirit
Theme: Fruits of the Holy Spirit, KWL, F3
Biblical Reference: Galatians 5:22-23
CCC: 1832