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Generic Saint Study Worksheet

The Generic Saint Study Worksheet Can help Kids Learn About Any Saint!

Use the Generic Saint Study Worksheet to help young Catholics discover and explore the lives of the saints. This worksheet set uses a fun, modern font and clean layout that is not overwhelming. Many younger writers will appreciate the opportunity to select the information that they want to include rather than filling out a stricter or more detail-oriented template.

How to Use the Generic Saint Study Worksheet

First, select a saint to study. Next, encourage students to think about where they can find information about a particular saint and the details they want to share about him or her. Some students may wish to use this worksheet to show what they already know about a specific saint, while other learners may choose to learn new, unfamiliar facts. Lastly, have learners fill in the required information on the worksheet. Writers must provide a variety of information about the chosen saint, including the following details.

-Five words or phrases to describe this saint
-A picture, symbol, or quote for this saint
-What did this saint do?
-Why is this saint important?

Age: Mid-Elem+
Focus: Research skills, Saint study
Theme:  Writing, notebooking

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Generic Saint Study Worksheet
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