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Gentle Examination of Conscience Helps Form Moral Character and Prepares Children to Receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Help children prepare for the sacrament of Reconciliation with this two-page  printable examination of conscience, which links sins to the commandments which they break.

A nice feature of this examination is that it provides positive as well as negative examples of behavior. We know that the Bible presents the commandments as rules but in this handout, we present the rule as well as how to keep it or possibly break it all in one. It really helps children link and recognize the importance of the Ten Commandments to their daily lives.

Feel free to have a discussion and add other examples that may fit the needs or your family or CCD class.

Use this two-page handout set to help first-time penitents prepare for their first Reconciliation or as a review for slightly older learners to peruse for personal preparation for Confession.  This is also a great way to review the Ten Commandments for individual learners or to follow along in a classroom discussion.


Age: Gr.2+
Theme: Preparation for Confession
Focus: Performing a gentle examination of conscience for children

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Create DateJune 24, 2013
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