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Geography Mini-Book Unit Study

Our Geography Mini-Book Unit Study can help children tour the globe noting wonderful facts about different countries.

Children are naturally curious about the world around them, and they should be encouraged to explore different countries and cultures as part of a well-rounded education. Hopefully, this project will start them off on a great adventure learning about other people and places.

This 32-page file contains an instruction sheet, space for twelve My Book Mini-Books, the matching themed My Book Keepsake Pages, as well as a bright, colorful matching cover. The books contain prompts to help writers research and find particular information. Each individual book prompts learners to:

-Find the country on the map provided.
-Give the latitude and longitude of the country.
-Name the major cities and the capital city of the country.
-Tell about the kinds of products and goods imported from the country.
-Write or draw about what people eat and wear in the country being studied.

This geography unit includes mini-books to study the following countries.
• Arabian Peninsula
• Burma
• Canada
• Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon)
• China
• Egypt,
• England (of the United Kingdom)
• France
• India
• Japan
• United States

How to Use the Geography Mini-Book Unit Study

It's easy, creative, and it's fun. These are the perfect narration tools for Charlotte Mason-style learners or Classical Learners who use a natural foundational approach to learning.

1. Download the unit and Print out the individual files. Files generally include instructions, mini-books, memory pages, and unit cover. Instructions are given on the first page of the unit file. Books should be printed on regular paper. Memory pages are designed to be printed double-sided on cardstock, but they will work single-sided as well. We like to use cardstock so that when our little books are attached, pages will be sturdy.

2. Assemble the unit pages. Bind memory pages in a 3-ring binder or by using a comb binder, duo-tang, or other bindings of choice.

3. Create the mini-books. Have children create books through writing and/or drawing as they learn from resources from your own home, the local library, the Internet, textbooks, videos, etc., about each country. Feel free to let learners take real ownership of their projects by allowing them to make them as fancy as they like using colored pencils, crayons, or other art supplies. A good dictionary and thesaurus are great tools to encourage new vocabulary use and accurate spelling.

4. Attach the mini-books. Affix mini-books to the keepsake pages in their proper place. There is a designated spot for each book.  Be sure to mark the date on the lines provided as your learner is certain to come back to this finished project over and over.

If you like this CM-inspired style of narrative learning, you may want to try one of our other My Book Unit Studies on various topics, including the Saints and the human body.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Geography
Theme: Country studies

Geography Mini-Book Unit Study
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