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Give Thanks Bingo Game

Add This Give Thanks Bingo Game to Your Thanksgiving Celebration or Our Virtue Lesson on Thankfulness and You Will Have Smiles Coming Your Way.

Our Give Thanks Bingo Game can accommodate up to fifteen players and uses simple, colorful picture graphics instead of traditional numbers. Its simplicity makes the game perfect for readers or non-readers.

Give Thanks Bingo Game

Print out the pages using heavier bond paper if possible. Cut the call-out cards apart on the black lines, then laminate all the pieces for durability if desired. Some teachers may want to glue the call-out cards onto a juice can lid for added fun and suspenseful play.

Place the cards face down in a stack. Play begins as a card is flipped or pulled from a container if using the can lids. Players will look for the matching image on their cards and then mark it if it is there. If your cards have been laminated, students could use a crayon, dry erase pen, or washable felt marker to mark the cards. If not, you can use beans, buttons, macaroni, or plastic chips from the dollar store.

Each picture used in this game was selected to represent things for which we should be thankful. As a bonus, there are three discussion sheets with suggestions for how each graphic can tie into our modern and spiritual life.

Teachers could use this game by flipping the call-out cards and asking children what the picture might represent.

Age:  Gr.2+
Focus:  Recognizing blessings in one's life
Theme:  Thankfulness, Thanksgiving, bingo, game

Give Thanks Bingo Game
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