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Encourage Young Catholics to Explore the Bible Study with God Teaches with His Word Worksheet.

God Teaches with His Word Worksheet invites kids to find multiple Scripture passages to support an idea, theme or lesson that God wants us to learn - such as mercy, loving one another, trusting in God, etc.

How to Use the God Teaches with His Word Worksheet

First, have the student select the theme, idea, or lesson they want to focus on and write it on the line provided. Next, using their memory, a concordance, or even the Catechism of the Catholic Church, have students find scriptural verses that highlight their theme. Lastly, have students copy the passages onto the lines provided.

God Teaches with His Word Worksheet can be especially useful in the following ways.

-Kids will interact with God's Word.
-Young Catholics will become familiar with what God wants them to know and learn.
-Children will learn to look up Bible verses.
-It challenges students to use a Table of References or a concordance, which many Bibles include in the middle or back of the book.
-Older learners or confident readers can discover how to use the Catechism of the Catholic Church as a reference tool.
-Just about any theme or idea can be used in this activity including virtues, gifts of the Holy Spirit, basic catechism, discipleship, commandments, perfections of God, what the Lord says about specific behaviors, etc.

Age: Gr 6+
Focus: Scripture
Theme: God teaches with His Word; Bible

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