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Help Young Catholics Learn About God the Son

This little eight-page book can help young Catholics learn or review the truths about God the Son, Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity.  Learners fill out the pages, cut them apart on the dotted lines, then stack and staple on the provided marks. Finished books can be affixed to one of our Mini-Book Keepsake Pages and finished off with a Mini-Book Collection Cover of choice.

Writing prompts in this mini-book include the following.
Who is God the Son?
What person of the Trinity is He?
What symbols represent God the Son?
Why do we call God the Son "the redeemer"?
What can you share about the week of creation?
Draw a picture to illustrate God the Son.

This resource can be successfully used in home or classroom catechesis.

Age: Elem+
Focus:  God the Son, fact recall
Theme: God the Son, Jesus, Trinity

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Create DateJuly 2, 2013
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