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God Wants Us to Love Him Crossword Puzzle

Focus on the Greatest Commandment - Loving God.

Encourage your students to learn about loving God based on Matthew 22:34-40. Learners may read the Scripture passage suggested to more easily solve some of the clues in the worksheet.  This resource focuses on Christ's teaching of the Greatest Commandment.

Two versions of the crossword puzzle are provided. One contains a word bank, and the other puzzle sheet does not. An answer sheet is also provided.

It is quite appropriate to incorporate this printable crossword puzzle into lessons on loving God, the Greatest Commandment, the First Commandment, and love. This crossword corresponds to the Gospel reading for the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time in the liturgical cycle A.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Fact recall, Crossword
Theme: Greatest Commandment, loving God, crossword

God Wants Us to Love Him Crossword Puzzle
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