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How Many Animals Can You Recognize?

Children of all ages love animals, and this game caters to that affinity. It is very simple and easy to play for many different ages. Simply identify the animal in the silhouette and match it to its name card. This can be done using a Go Fish style of play, Concentration matching style for one to two players or our variation of Old Maid called "Great Creator." The Great Creator is like playing Old Maid except that God in His goodness created all of the things pictured and we want to be with Him. The person who is left with the Great Creator card in the end is the winner.  Playing this game will grow familiarity with different animals and the spelling of their names.

To create this game simply download, print, cut and play. The .PDF file contains pieces and instructions and can easily be used over and over once laminated. Printing on cardstock or heavier bond paper makes for better resources, although plain paper may also be used.

There is a matching over-sized tactile calendar to correspond with this theme game.

Age:  Wee+
Focus:  Recognition of animals
Theme:  Animals

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Create DateJune 17, 2013
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