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Help Break the Ice in Your Classroom with Fun Questions Anyone Could Answer

Help children get acquainted and feel comfortable in a new class or group setting with this simple ice breaker game.  Print out, cut apart and have players answer the questions out loud.  In smaller groups or one by one, children can share their answers.  One easy way to get started is to have children pick the question they would like to answer on their turn.  If the response to the activity is positive, repeated play could be facilitated.  As kids find similar answers occurring within the group, they can conclude that they are not so different after all.  If the connection is not apparent, teachers or leaders can help point this fact out to them.

Questions on all game pieces include:

Tell about your favorite food
Tell about your favorite animal
Tell about your favorite character
Tell about your favorite person
Tell about your favorite hobby


Age:  Gr.2+
Focus:  Getting acquainted with peers in a group setting
Theme:  Feeling comfortable in a group setting

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Create DateJune 17, 2013
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