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Remind Young Catholics of Ways to Live Out the Virtue of Joyfulness.

Help children to learn easy ways to practice the virtue of joyfulness with a sheet that not only gives positive examples of what this virtue might look like for youngsters but also provides a prayer for daily use as well.

This core lesson sheet is designed to help children grow in joyfulness. It is an excellent starting point for discussions with older children, or use it as a weekly reminder list of activities that foster virtuous behavior. There is a simple, practical thematic prayer provided at the bottom of the sheet, and it is similar to the version found on the matching Virtue Prayer Card.

This printable lesson sheet is only one small part of Our Virtue Lesson on Joyfulness.
Age: Elem+
Focus: Virtue study, prayer
Theme: Virtue of Joyfulness
Find the matching Virtue Prayer Card below.

Prayer Card for the Virtue of Joyfulness
Prayer Card for the Virtue of Joyfulness
Pray for the Virtue of Joyfulness. Help children develop the very useful habit of daily prayer as they pray to be joyful in their daily lives using this little card. This cute learning card has a prayer written especially for children, and it features...
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