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Addition & Subtraction Math Facts with a Different Shape.

We have all used flashcards at some point in our learning career. From 1+1=2 to elements of the periodic table, this learning tool has been around for a long time. The Classical Learning style is a perfect fit for flashcards, and many children love these cards that contain little bits of basic information. Our children were no different; however, they each had their own ideas of how flashcards should be used, what flashcards should look like, and what we should put on them. Here is our version of a unique math flashcard to reinforce addition and subtraction.

Our hexaflash cards are different. The fun is in their shape. Have learners practice simple addition and subtraction facts using number family associations. These self-correcting flashcards represent the number families from 11 to 20.

The main number on each card is the numeral under the properly oriented heart graphic. Follow the math symbol to the left or right of the main number to practice different simple equations. The unique shape of the card allows them to be grouped neatly when sorting by number families. Print on card stock or laminate for durability. You can even flip or fling them into a container; any missed cards must be worked out.

An instruction sheet is included in this file. Other number family sets are also available.

This resource can help learners who are comfortable with a Montessori learning style or a Classical learning style.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Addition and subtraction practice from one set of flashcards.
Theme:  Hearts, number families from 11-20, math facts
This resource is self-correcting.

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Create DateJune 17, 2013
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