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Holy Rosary Crossword Puzzle

Help Young Catholics Learn About a Beloved Devotion with the Rosary Crossword Puzzle.

The Rosary Crossword Puzzle can introduce students to some details of this beloved and traditional devotion, which was used by St. Dominic to convert souls.

How To Use the Rosary Crossword Puzzle

Learners must figure out the twelve clues provided to solve this puzzle and then write the answers in the crossword. The responses highlight twelve different facts about the Rosary, including the names of some of the prayers and the groups of mysteries. Teachers may find this puzzle worksheet especially useful when teaching about the devotion of the Holy Rosary or for use in October, which is the month dedicated to the devotion of the Holy Rosary.

Included in this file are two versions of the Rosary Crossword Puzzle - one with a word bank and another without it. An answer sheet is provided.

Another version of this puzzle is available for younger students or those with learning challenges. Download the Holy Rosary Crossword Puzzle EZ (Large Print), which uses an oversized font and presents only six clues.

Age: Mid-Elem+
Focus: Fact recall, devotions
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Holy Rosary Crossword Puzzle
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