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Holy Rosary Trading Card Set

Teach About the Twenty Mysteries of the Rosary with the Holy Rosary Trading Card Set.

Help your youngster learn about the devotion of the Holy Rosary by using this complete set of beautiful trading cards. The Holy Rosary Trading Card Set features each of the twenty mysteries. It is not only artful but a great teaching tool as well. It features classic artwork by various artists, engaging text, and a passage reference. One side of the card presents the name of the Mystery and the accompanying image. The other has a reminder image, explanatory text, and Scripture reference so that users can read about the event in the Bible for themselves.

How to Create the Holy Rosary Trading Card Set

This resource features four different cards per sheet. Make the cards by cutting them apart on the solid lines and folding them on the dotted lines. Glue flaps together to close. Laminate finished pieces for longevity and a very polished look.

Holy Rosary Trading Card Set for Young Catholics

Rosary trading card sets with four identical cards per page are also available for the Joyful Mysteries, Luminous Mysteries, Sorrowful Mysteries, and Glorious Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Fact recall, Prayer
Theme: Holy Rosary; trading card