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Holy Thursday Cryptogram Puzzle Worksheet

Start the Easter Triduum with the Holy Thursday Cryptogram Puzzle Worksheet.

The Holy Thursday Cryptogram Puzzle Worksheet can help children to learn why Peter was upset at Jesus during the Last Supper. This cryptogram activity focuses on Christ washing the feet of the apostles. The Scripture passage of John 13:5 inspires this cryptogram.

To complete this worksheet, students must substitute one letter for another using the alphabet and the unique code provided at the bottom of the page. In doing this, learners find out what Jesus did at the meal. The finished puzzle reads, "He began to wash their feet and dry them with a towel." An answer sheet provides the phrase as well.

This worksheet may be especially useful when teaching young Catholics about Holy Thursday, the Last Supper, and the institution of the sacraments of Holy Orders and the Holy Eucharist during the Last Supper.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Cryptogram, puzzle, decoding words
Theme: Holy Thursday, Triduum, Holy Week, Last Supper, Lent, worksheet

Holy Thursday Cryptogram Puzzle Worksheet
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