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Holy Trinity Cut-N-Paste Activity

Teach About a Three Unique Divine Persons of God with the Holy Trinity Cut-N-Paste Activity.

The Holy Trinity Cut-N-Paste Activity is a fun, tangible way to remind students about God's love for humanity through the Holy Trinity - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Through the mystery of the Holy Trinity, we can come to know and understand God better and love Him more.

The Holy Trinity Cut-N-Paste Activity has a simple layout. It presents four black-and-white images to represent the Holy Trinity and each divine Person of the Trinity.

Holy Trinity Cut-N-Paste Activity

How to Use the Holy Spirit Cut-N-Paste Activity

First, learners will cut apart the student pieces on the dotted lines. Next, they will read the text in each box on the student sheet. Learners browse the boxes and match up the images to the appropriate text. Finally, after checking their selection with the answer key, students should glue the pieces into place.

Some teachers may want to use this resource as a tangible activity that can be used more than once by choosing not to glue in pieces.

This resource is one small part of That Weekly Liturgy Lesson for Kids - Solemnity of the Holy Trinity (Liturgical Cycle A).

Age: Elem+
Focus: Fine motor skills, Cut-N-Paste
Theme: Holy Trinity
CCC: 232-267

Holy Trinity Cut-N-Paste Activity
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