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Holy Trinity F3 Activity

Help Children Understand the Holy Trinity with This Engaging F3 Activity.

Using a T-square folding piece, a mini-book, and a scripture reference, children can begin to understand the Holy Trinity with this Holy Trinity F3 Activity.

Instructions are included on the sheets, and everything you need is included in the lesson.

After discussing the square piece, learners should complete My Book Mini-book - The Trinity. The flap piece is available in two styles - with and without writing prompts. When children complete the pages, have them cut them apart on the lines, stack and staple. It is an easy and fun way to narrate (tell back information) or show proof of learning.

This little book asks students to complete the following tasks or questions:
Who or what is the Trinity?
Write or draw about the first person of the Trinity.
Write or draw about the second person of the Trinity.
Write or draw about the third person of the Trinity.
Write out the sign of the cross prayer.
Draw a symbol of the Trinity.

In a formal class setting, this could be started in class and finished at home, if time is an issue. When completed, have children glue this onto their F3 Activity sheet in the appropriate spot. You may want to use card stock for the activity sheets to support the flaps and pieces better.

This activity uses only black-and-white images to make it more classroom-friendly.  Scripture passages and CCC references are provided.

Additionally, Trinity Sunday or St. Patrick's Day are good occasions to use this activity in the classroom or for home catechesis.

Age: Gr.2+
Focus: Fine motor skills, F3
Theme: Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity F3 Activity
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