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Explore Holy Week, the Passion and Death of Christ

Use this set of notebooking worksheets to help children narrate or share the events of Holy Week, the Passion and death of our Lord.

Each sheet provides the title of a specific event, ample writing space for narrations as well as a space to illustrate the featured event.  Gentle writing prompts on each page are conversational and include the following.

Which Bible characters are involved in this story?
Where can I read about this event in the Bible?
What happened in this event?  Do you remember the details?


This resource set highlights the following events listed below.

-Jesus Enters Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.
-Jesus Cleanses the Temple of the Money Changers.
-Jesus Instructs on Paying Taxes to the Emperor.
-The Disciples Prepare for the Passover Meal.
-Jesus Washes the Feet of His Apostles at the Last Supper.
-“Take and Eat; This Is My Body.”
-“Drink from It, All of You, For This Is My Blood of the Covenant.”
-Judas Betrays Jesus.
-Jesus Goes to Pray in the Garden.
-Jesus Returns from the Garden to Find His Disciples Sleeping.
-Jesus Is Seized in the Garden.
-At the Rooster's Crow, Peter Remembers the Words of Jesus.
-Jesus Is Scourged at the Pillar.
-Jesus Is Crowned with Thorns.
-Jesus Is Condemned and Sentenced to Death.
-Jesus Takes up His Cross and Carries It to Calvary.
-Jesus Is Crucified, Dies On the Cross, and Is Placed in the Tomb.


Age:  Gr.4+
Focus:  Life of Christ
Theme:  Holy Week, Passion and Death of Christ

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