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How Are You Living Lent? Countdown Set

How Are You Living Lent? Countdown Set Encourages Children to Celebrate the Season Daily!

Our How Are You Living Lent? Countdown Set can help children to participate in the liturgical season of Lent as they prepare for Easter. Students will mark their daily progress in good living by coloring in one block each day during the season of Lent; the blocks will match with their daily activities.

Because five weeks can seem like a long time for youngsters, this sheet presents the entire season at a glance. There is a block to represent every day of Lent. Together, all the blocks represent each day of Lent, Triduum, and Easter.

To help young learners to complete this worksheet, easy to see labels are provided for Ash Wednesday, each of the Sundays, and Triduum while graphics depict children doing daily activities, including playing sports, using the computer, doing homework, etc.

There are two versions of the Lent Countdown Set included in this file. One layout focuses on daily living (praying, going to Mass, etc.) while the other calendar focuses on a specific resolution to keep. Each version is available in black-and-white or color.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Lent, Triduum
Theme: Lent, Lenten resolutions, preparing for Easter, Calendar for Lent

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How Are You Living Lent? Countdown Set
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