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How I Can Celebrate Lent Project

Help Young Catholics Participate in the Lenten Season with the How I Can Celebrate Lent Project.

Encourage children to learn about the liturgical season of Lent and participate in it in age-appropriate ways. This activity is the perfect seasonal project for an elementary-aged (Gr. 3+) Religious Education class. Choose to store the project in a file folder, binder, pocket folder, or even display them on a wall or bulletin board.
How I Can Celebrate Lent Project for Catholic Kids

How to Use the How I Can Celebrate Lent Project

Through a small group or class discussion, students will have a chance to learn what Lent is and how they can participate in the season through simple, everyday activities. The twelve suggested actions on the student sheet reflect the traditional tenets of Lent, which are prayer, fasting, almsgiving, and having a spirit of penance.

After students have performed an activity from the student sheet, they track what they have done by affixing the fun, colorful Progress Pieces to their Student Sheet. Modern images add meaning and help solidify learning. Directions and discussion ideas are provided on Instruction Sheets.

The How to Use the How I Can Celebrate Lent Project features the following twelve suggested activities.

  • Pray
  • Attend Holy Mass
  • Eat no meat on Fridays
  • Sacrifice a little,
  • Obey my parents
  • Speak kindly to others
  • Do my schoolwork
  • Keep my room neat
  • Be kind
  • Help others
  • Make good choices
  • Give to those in need

Age: Elem +
Focus: Lent, project
Theme: Celebrating and observing Lent, projects

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How I Can Celebrate Lent Project
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