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I Am Blessed and Unique F3 Activity

Help Children See That God Created Each Person in a Very Special Way with the I Am Blessed and Unique F3 Activity.

God blesses each person with unique gifts and talents. He allows each of us to think, feel and act in our own special way. This cut-n-paste F3 activity helps children discern the qualities that make them unique. Three questions are posed in separate blocks:

I am special because my favorite thing to think about is . . .
I am unique because the thing that makes me happy inside . . .
I feel excellent about myself because I can . . .

After the questions are answered, the provided image pieces are cut out and glued into place where indicated to create flaps that may be lifted to reveal the student's writing.

An image piece is available for boys and girls.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Writing, fine motor skills, self-evaluation
Theme: Understanding personal uniqueness

I Am Blessed and Unique F3 Activity
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