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I Can Be Loving Cut-N-Paste Virtue Lesson Sheet

Introduce Young Catholics to the Virtue of Kindness.

Help children learn a simple, working definition of the virtue of love from a Catholic viewpoint. An easy cutting task incorporates a fun graphic into a basic lesson sheet and helps to solidify the meaning of the virtue in hearts of students. Instructions are provided on the materials.

The lesson sheet provides explanatory text as well as two short-answer questions to be completed. Some teachers may want to have a short discussion on the importance of the virtue before students to complete the questions.

To bring the sheet to life, have learners cut the Virtue Cut-N-Paste Piece out and glue it onto the lesson sheet in the designated space. Select pieces from the two layouts provided - single student and multiple student versions. Each is available in color as well as black-and-white to accommodate students who enjoy coloring activities.

This printable activity is only one small part of Our Virtue Lesson on Love.
Age: Elem+
Focus: Virtue study, fine motor skills
Theme: Virtue of Love

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I Can Be Loving Cut-N-Paste Virtue Lesson Sheet
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