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Take Your Child or CCD Class on a Tour of Your Church.

Children love to learn about their church. A simple tour could easily be arranged with your sacristan or priest. Many CCD or Religious Education programs offer this once a year to children as well.

After you arrange for your tour, print out this sheet. As you go on your tour, mark the things you see along the way. This works especially well with a clipboard and pencil. To make this tool even more effective, give a copy of the sheet you are working on to your tour guide so that they can be sure to cover the items on your church tour worksheet.

Feedback from my CCD students has always been quite positive, and many said they felt like they were on a treasure hunt while they did this activity on our tours.

Don't forget to ask to see the bell tower, if you have one. It's always a favorite with children.

Age: Wee+
Focus: Sacramentals
Theme: Church, sacramentals seen in the church

An alternative template is also available.

What's In My Church Worksheet Set
Help Young Catholics to Discover the Beauty of Their Parish Church.   This simple worksheet asks students to note details about two objects or things they see when they go to church. Children can be encouraged to take notice of the particular sacramentals...
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