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DREs, Catechists, and Teachers will Enjoy Using the Jan. 2020-Apr. 2021 Religious Education and CCD Year Planner!

Do you teach year-round or begin your new school year in January? Then this Jan. 2020-Apr. 2021 Religious Education and CCD Year Planner is for you! Whether you teach from a textbook, work off of a program outline, or use a formal teaching program, this 199-page can help you stay organized. Not only will you keep things orderly, but also reduce your stress levels knowing that you are prepared and all of your essential information in one place. This document has planning and reference tools, monthly calendars and lesson planning sets, and even a specialized collection of teaching aids.

Plan Out Your Entire Teaching Year Using the Jan. 2020-Apr. 2021 Religious Education and CCD Year Planner

Plan the 2020 Religious Education year with tools that nearly every catechist will find useful. Find all the familiar tools like student lists, term attendance sheets, a supply list, and lesson planning templates. But pages such as the student progress sheet, support team list, meeting planner, and monthly planning sets complete with reference calendar may quickly become favorites. And because we know that following the liturgical calendar is a must in your preparation, the Monthly Lesson Plan Calendar Pages include most of the major feasts and liturgical seasons of the Church. Not to mention that we added a few extra months to the planner (January 2020 to April 2021) to accommodate those who want to make a few new plans for the following school year.


Lesson Plan Sheet from Religious Ed Planner for 2017 to 2018


Print only the pages you need, as often as you need them. A handy table of contents helps teachers find what they need quickly, while effective grayscale use keeps charts comfortable on the eyes.

This planner has a clean design and easy to read titles. Modern icons help with task association as they add a sense of fun to each planning page. Get started right away by looking for the instruction and how-to pages in each section of the planner. Choose to print only the required pages or opt to print out the entire document double-sided and place it in a binder. We also have a section of useful teaching aids. It contains updated versions of a few of our most popular printables often requested by teachers.


Teaching Aids from CCD Year Planner for 2017-2018


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A new version of this Religious Education & Catechism Year Planner is also available for the traditional school year beginning in September 2020. The planner includes all the months from September 2020-December 2021.

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