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Jesus Is My Favorite Hero CCD Lesson

The Jesus Is My Favorite Hero CCD Lesson Helps Trace the Miracles, Parables, and Events of our Lord's Life While Showing Kids Who Should Be the Real Hero in Their Lives.

Jesus Is My Favorite Hero CCD Lesson helps clear the confusion for kids about what a hero is. Many think of celebrities, sports stars, fictitious characters, singers, and contrived personalities as heroes to pattern their behavior and morality after. The truth is there isn't anyone on the earth - past, present, or future - that even mildly compares to the power and authority of our Lord, Jesus.

How to Use Jesus Is My Favorite Hero CCD Lesson

Download and print out the sixteen-page file. Some instructors may want to use card stock or laminate the parts for repeated use and best results.

Print the activity sheets, one per student.  Read through the directions and scripture suggestions to prepare yourself. Using the picture cards, labels, and signs, children must guess what categories the picture cards belong to and what heroic feature they highlight in Christ, whom we should all imitate. Christ's enemy, the devil, is our enemy too. Christ's teaching the apostles to pray teaches us to pray as well. His friends, the apostles (the saints), are our friends too.

By comparing our Lord to any hero possible (real or fictional), children will see how powerful, awesome, and loving our Lord is. He gives us everything we will need to be happy forever. Using the things that every hero (super or otherwise) generally possesses: special powers or talents, a unique identity or costume, enemies, special friends or fans, righteousness, and triumphs over evil, children are challenged to come up with a hero greater than our Lord. They can easily see that our Lord possesses all the hero criteria and then some.

Age: Gr.2/3+
Theme: Illuminating Jesus Christ as the hero for our lives
Focus: Comparing Jesus Christ to a modern-day hero or fictitious superhero
This resource is suitable for home or CCD class use.
Laminate pieces for repeated use.
The download packet includes all pieces, teaching instructions, and a reference sheet.

Jesus Is My Favorite Hero CCD Lesson
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