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Jesus Visits His Disciples Fill-In the Faces Worksheet

Teach, Review, or Discuss Christ's Appearance to His Disciples on Easter.

Ten statements are presented to recall that Jesus wants us to know that He is God based on John 20:19-31. A doubtful St. Thomas comes to believe in the Resurrection and proclaims, "My Lord, and my God." Children are to fill-in the appropriate faces to represent agreement or disagreement with the statements presented.

An answer sheet is provided that allows students to check their own work. Incorrect answers can be used as good discussion starters.

You can use this activity as a mini-lesson to be completed as a class, or utilize it as a pre-lesson check or a post lesson review.

This resource is appropriate to use when teaching about the Resurrection, that Jesus is God; it corresponds to the 2nd Sunday of Easter in liturgical cycle B.

Age: Elem+
Focus: Christ appears to His disciples
Theme: Christ appears to His disciples, St. Thomas
Biblical Reference: John 20:19-31

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Jesus Visits His Disciples Fill-In the Faces Worksheet
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