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Jobs and Careers Notebooking Set

Help Learners Recognize and Explore Communities and Servitude with the Jobs and Careers Notebooking Set.

Whether you are completing a unit on community workers in Gr. 3 or helping preteens think of career choices, this five-page Jobs and Careers Notebooking Set of writing sheets can help learners organize their options and ideas.  Children do not realize how many jobs are really required to enable society to operate well.  This writing set can serve to help kids brainstorm ideas or record discussion material about possible career choices, jobs that will be important in the future, and so on.

Each sheet has a unique focus, including the following prompts.

  •     Jobs People Perform - Name and describe three different jobs of choice
  •     Best Job and Worst Job
  •     When I grow up, I want to be. . .
  •     List jobs in public service, technology, specialized trades, and commerce
  •     List jobs in. . .

Age:  Elem+
Focus:  Recognizing and Exploring a variety of jobs and careers
Theme:  Jobs and Career notebooking set

Jobs and Careers Notebooking Set
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